The One Who Steps In And Steps Up
by: Yalina
● June 28, 2024
Stepdads are awesome because they can choose their family, and for some crazy reason they chose yours. – Unknown

In modern family dynamics, having a father in life is a blessing. Having two is even better. The role of a stepdad has evolved into one that is not only accepted, but often cherished. When a man decides to join a ready-made family – he is either brave or out of his mind… in love! Get your mind out of the gutter. Either way, it’s an adventure of a lifetime!

In honor of Father’s Day month, I want to take the opportunity to give a shout out to all of the amazing stepdads out there. I also want to recognize and honor my rad stepdad, Oscar.

He’s technically not officially my “stepdad,” but for many years, he’s been the best addition to our blended family.

Here are some reasons why having a stepdad is awesome:


Bonus Dad

Having a stepdad is like leveling up in the dad game and gaining a bonus dad.

A stepdad can introduce you to new ideas, hobbies, and activities that you probably didn’t know you needed.  When Oscar is not being Mr. Worldwide by traveling everywhere with my mom, he’s a YouTube taught, woodworking expert. He makes tables, cutting boards, picnic tables & chairs, charcuterie boards—you name it, if it’s made of wood, he’s crafted it with his own hands – and they ALL turn out incredible! And when my car makes expensive noises, he’s Mr. Fix-It, with the best tool kit available on the market… because he always researches what the best anything is, and owns it.


The More, The Merrier

A stepdad often comes with a fam squad, which means extra celebrations… and extra players when competing in games during special family dinners. When my mom met Oscar, he didn’t just join our lives, he upgraded us to “The Brady Bunch” status. Butters 🐶 included. His three kids are amazing—so joyful, fun, and kind. I swear, I became a fan before I even knew their names. They’re a testament to their incredible parents. Meanwhile, my two siblings and I are like the chaotic cast of a reality TV show, but hey, we keep it interesting!


Double the Love and Support

Stepdads can play an important role as mentors, offering guidance and support through life’s ups and downs. When it comes to navigating life, Oscar is my GPS when I’m lost and the Mr. Miyagi of advice. No matter what happens, he is ALWAYS there when he’s needed for ANYTHING. Whether it’s dissecting the latest life issue, financial advice, politics, latest tech gadgets, or gossiping like TMZ. He ALWAYS knows what’s going on… before me! Chismoso. We would also recommend TV shows and movies to each other, watch them, and follow up with critiques. He even supports and hops on board to watch my current obsessions with Bridgerton and 90 Day Fiancé. He’s such a trooper!



Sharing activities with a stepdad can lead to the creation of lasting memories. Whether it’s going on fishing trips, building projects together, cooking special meals, or just having fun family dinners with game nights, these activities help build strong bonds. I can confidently say that my bond with Oscar grew really strong over the years. We have built our bond through many shared common interests (mainly food-related – haha!). We’re food partners-in-crime on a mission. I’ll send him a pic of a “must try” food item, and his reply is always “I’m definitely trying that tomorrow.” The next thing I know; he’s got it within 24 hours. The man is a legend. He is always up for trying something new. No questions asked.


Enriching Traditions

Stepdads often bring their own family traditions into the mix and shake it up. This blending of traditions can make holidays and special occasions even more special and meaningful. During Thanksgiving, Oscar’s two must-haves are Honey Baked ham and candied yams. We all support the Honey Baked ham, but we all can’t hop on-board with the candied yams (sorry! 😂). His kids would also bring on the games to play and we would all go crazy competing against each other. Butters 🐶 included.



Stepdads aren’t just a bonus, they’re the MVPs of the family team. From expanding the fam crew to adding extra laughs and life skills, they’re truly the real unsung heroes.

So here’s to you, Oscar—the unofficially official stepdad. Your presence, love, and efforts in navigating the complexities of a blended family are truly appreciated and make a profound difference in the best possible way. You may not always get the recognition you deserve, but know that your contributions, big and small, are noticed and cherished. You’ve brought so much more to our lives than you can ever imagine. Your impact on my life is immeasurable, and your love is a gift I cherish beyond words. Your wisdom, humor, and unconditional love have turned our family into something truly special. From being amateur food critics to having deep talks on the meaning of life, you’ve shown me what it means to be a parent, a friend, and a mentor. Also, thanks for being a good sport when people ask me if you’re famous and I tell them that you’re Dr. Oz. Happy Father’s Day, Oscar – you’re a superhero in shirts in all shades of blue, and we’re all better for having you in our corner. I am endlessly grateful that you chose us. You’re my favorite.

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