For A Fabulous 2024
by: Yalina
● January 10, 2024

The confetti in the air, the poppin’ bottles of champagne, the ball drop countdown, the interesting way people manage to make “2024” glasses for your eyes to see through… It’s the most popular time of the year!

When the New Year rolls around, many of us are eager to wash away all of the NYE glitter, bad decisions, and hit that “reset” button with a new set of goals and resolutions. It’s a time of reflection and anticipation, a chance to make that vision board and manifest a better version of ourselves. The idea of making significant changes can be draining. Instead of overwhelming yourself with all of these drastic lifestyle changes like selling your old car, kidneys, and perhaps your dignity to finally afford that dream destination you’ve always wanted, consider the impact of small habits. In other words, don’t be so dramatic, just take the baby steps towards achieving your goals. Save your money without compromising your current status. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you hit the accelerator full force on your goals, they’ll immediately crash and burn. That’s why many resolutions break and you find yourself thrown off course. When minor adjustments are implemented on a consistent basis, they can lead to significant improvements over time. By focusing on small and consistent habits, you can pave the way to meaningful and lasting changes.

Every now and then, I like to take an overall view of my life and look at how it’s going and… it’s goin’. For me, a “life reset” is about addressing some of the main areas of my life and exploring how well (or not so well) they’re working for me, what direction I’m going in, and anything I’d like to change.

Personal growth, self-care, and mindset are all extremely important to me. That’s probably why I often feel drawn towards decluttering the things that no longer serve me. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is not easy and you really have to work at it… every day. The key is to know what you’re working towards and why!

Want to hit the “reset” button on life? I’ve got some fab ideas to share with you! Grab a pen and notebook… or, let’s be real, just take a screenshot, and let’s do this together!

Get Real: Be realistic about your goals. If you didn’t get to buy that new car you’ve always wanted, plan to transfer a reasonable amount of money into your savings account from each paycheck. Every little bit counts and you will eventually be rollin’ in style when the time comes.

Be Gentle: Who else is guilty of being their own toughest critic? (raises hand) Let’s keep it real, we all have that ever-growing list of things we didn’t accomplish in the past year… or maybe even the year before that! But hey, let’s just add them to this year’s ongoing goal list and keep it pushin’! Let’s cut ourselves some slack and be gentle with ourselves.

Declutter: When the only thing keeping you going is a constant flow of coffee, it might be time for a reality check! Are you really living your best life, or just surviving on caffeine and chaos? It’s time to declutter what no longer serves us and make way for the new new. It’s like Marie Kondo-ing our lives, but with extra espresso shots!

Prioritize: Time to stop procrastinating on making your priorities a priority! It’s time to stop waiting for “someday” and start taking action. You know, “adulting.”

Action Plan: Setting milestones is like climbing a mountain, except the view gets better each time you reach the top! Just think back to the days when tying your shoes was an achievement. Now look at us, conquering bigger and better goals. Progress looks good on us!


Forget about making grand resolutions and focus on the small habits! Forming habits can be challenging, but if you put in the work and stay consistent, you will reach your goal. And once you reach that level, you will discover benefits with much less conscious effort. Trust in the magic of consistency and watch as your progress grows into something incredible. Get ready to conquer the world, one tiny habit at a time!

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