As a child and teenager, who really knows what their parents do for a living? Like, what kid is really aware of all the time, energy, and sacrifices their parents make to provide for them?
I can guarantee you, little to none.

Growing up in my formative years, I don’t remember my parents being around a lot. They were always working and traveling while my two older sisters had to take care of the two little brats at home. That’s me… one half of the two little brats at home. Would I have loved for my parents to do normal things like take us to school?

Sure. Would I have loved a cute little packed lunch with cute little notes like my friends had? Absolutely.

But looking back, and knowing now what I didn’t know then, I can’t blame them. I can actually thank them.

My parents were making sacrifices together – starting a company, makin’ big moves, walking in faith, carrying out a mission, and ultimately… building our family’s legacy.

When I see our kits, observe our company’s culture,
and think about my own personal experience here at TRI, I think of all the years of hard work and sacrifice my parents and family put in to get here. Talk about “hustle culture”… sheesh! Because of the vision God gave my parents, not only do I see what my family has built, but now I know why it was built. I’ve witnessed firsthand the miracles God has made in people’s lives, in our business situations, the faith and trust that we’ve put in Him, and the progress we’ve made over the years.

So, I felt inclined to gather other employees’ thoughts on how our company and ministry have made an impact on their lives and what our work here means to them.

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