Wrappin’ Up the Old and Welcoming the New
by: KIT
● December 14, 2023

Ummm, can you believe it’s the end of the year already?? With Thanksgiving behind us, the holidays are in full swing, and I can feel the Christmas spirit tingling from my head to my mistletoes. And when I think about the New Year lurking in a corner, waiting to pounce on us, I just can’t. Like, 2023 who, what? My first instinct is to say “2023? We don’t know her” because that’s just funny. BUT, I realize she can’t be dismissed just yet. 2023 deserves to be acknowledged for all that she was and gave us this year. Then next year, we can say “we don’t know her.”

A lot of exciting and pause-worthy moments happened this year that we are proud of and deserve to be celebrated!

  1. We made our grand entrance into 3 new stores! This year we said helloooo to Walgreens, Lowe’s, and Harbor Freight Tools.
  2. We launched lots of new items with our current retail and e-commerce partners. Including our SILVEX® Wound Wash and new line of Diabetes-Friendly Wound Care Kits in Walgreens and Amazon.
  3. And with this, we also launched a very important partnership with the American Diabetes Association’s® Better Choices for Life program. YAAAY US!
  4. KIT & Connections finally debuted! After planning and designing for 2 years, our brand’s newsletter, yours truly, came to life! We gave our brand a voice and I’m here to stay, hunny! Seven months & going strong!
  5. We got some fabulous press and media placement in Cosmopolitan, MSN, Drug Store News, Chain Drug Review, and more.
  6. Our social impact program, Every Kit Cares® is growing in numbers – communities, scholars, donors, supporters, children and families fed, houses rebuilt, lives impacted, and lives saved!! One of the very first Vision HIMpossible learning center scholars in the Philippines,  graduated from college and we are beyond proud to have seen Gabriel Marcelino grow, evolve, and progress from elementary, graduating from college, and getting his first job!
  7. Last and certainly not least, our founding family grew another generation!! TRI founders, George and Merlyn’s eldest granddaughter, Jessica Villalobos, welcomed her adorable and sassy baby girl, Remi Jade Johnson, into the world! Whenever we need a quick break, want to smile, and be reminded what life is all about, we just go upstairs to visit Remi’s little nursery. You may make her smile, laugh, cry, talk, or all of the above. And even if she rolls her eyes, gives you major side eye, or completely ignores you, you’re guaranteed to walk away feeling all warm, cuddly, and refreshed.

To say the least, we are 32 years old and still growing strong. We thank you all so much for reading and connecting with us. We promise to keep on keepin’ on with the products and content. We want to keep you clicking, scrolling, and looking forward to the abundance of the new and exciting opportunities coming our way. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2024, here she comes…

K.I.T (keep in touch)

(because we make kits, DUH)



KIT is Be Smart Get Prepared® and Be Smart Get Prepared® is KIT, a brand personified. The walkin’ talkin persona. Simply put, the national brand of the best first aid kits in the nation. But don’t get us wrong, we’re not just a logo or a catchphrase. We’re a statement, an entire mentality – an invitation to a lifestyle. Born in ‘91 and over 30 years later, living our best life, living a legacy, and just getting started. Oh and btw, our name is KIT because we make kits, DUH.