My Destination Wedding and All the Good Luck
by: Samantha
● March 14, 2024

I’ve never understood why the world needed a leap day, but according to a quick Google search, “leap days have been observed since they were mandated by Roman dictator Julius Caesar in 46 B.C.” This is primarily for the purpose of keeping the calendar and seasons in line. Without leap days, in 100 years the calendar would be 24 days off, and in 700 years the Northern Hemisphere summers would begin in December… So I guess that’s significant?

For me, it’s an especially special day. On February 29th 2020, it became the day I took a leap of faith and married my now husband, Nick. Actually, I’d be lying if I say it took a “leap of faith” because I was pretty darn certain I wanted to marry him, but it sounds good for the sake of this article. How did we get here though? Let’s rewind.

My then fiancé popped the question while we were in Paris. Once we got back home, the bride in me took over. We had already wanted to be married on ‘Leap Day’ at that point, mostly for the uniqueness; we are unconventional, so an unconventional day seemed perfect. You can’t really forget a leap day anniversary and if you do in between the 4 years it technically never existed so you can’t REALLY start a fight.

While doing hours of research, making multiple phone calls, and touring many venues… We just couldn’t justify spending over $20,000+ on ONE day. So you know me, Little Miss Let’s Travel the World, decided a destination wedding and honeymoon were more fitting. From there, we thought about where we could see ourselves saying “I do,” and for us, that destination was Kauai. The whole process was pretty stress free, but I’m low maintenance. As long as Nick showed up, I was pretty okay with whatever went down that day.

Everything was perfect, we even got “good luck rain” or so the Hawaiians said.

Maybe they said that to make me feel better since I was soaked and my hair was ruined. But it rained for about 2-3 minutes, and then the clouds moved and a gorgeous, sunny day resumed.

While on the topic of good luck, I can’t forget to mention the fact that we got married a week or so before the whole world shut down due to the pandemic. Can you say blessed and highly favored?!
I’m sure by now you put 2 and 2 together. February 29th 2024 just passed, so Happy Anniversary to me (and Nick)!

We didn’t do much on the day of, but we do have a big trip planned for April-May. We are going on vacation to Portugal and Spain! This is basically my 2024 Leap Year Anniversary gift, and we are so excited! God has blessed us with the resources, health, and time to continue to travel, so we are taking that “leap” and doing all we can to see the world while we are still young, free, and childless.


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