As Long As You Love Me...
by: Yalina
● February 28, 2024

Has anyone ever asked you what your love language is? When it comes to expressing love, do you speak the language of gifts like Oprah on a good day or are you more into quality time like a clingy pet? Maybe your love language is acts of service, because you love to bring your partner breakfast in bed every morning. Or perhaps words of affirmation are your jam to give to those who seek validation like a thirsty plant craving water. And let’s not forget physical touch – are you the type that hugs so tight people think you’re auditioning for a professional cuddler role? So spill the tea – what’s your love language?



What personal space? Who is she? Physical touch is like WiFi – it’s essential for connection! Whether it’s a high five, hug, or handshake, you embrace the magic of human contact… Cuddle monster style.


Turn that frown upside down! Forget self-doubters because you’re the hype person who gives out words of affirmation like confetti:  “You’re killin’ it!”, “Yes, queen/king!”, “Do you, boo!” You love a nice, warm shower sprinkle of positivity throughout the day. Who needs coffee when you have that kind of love boosting out of you? YOU ROCK!


When asked for a favor and you do it, they consider it an “act of love” instead of just being roped into more work. Like sure, I guess I could pick up your laundry or rescue you from a spider… anything for the title of honorary hero, right? Saving the day, one small task at a time! 


Binge-watching Netflix together and pretending to discuss deep philosophical theories are your thang! If you can survive a movie marathon with your loved one without falling asleep, then you know that love is real. Who needs fancy gifts when you can just spend hours judging reality TV shows side by side? Quality time: because nothing says “I love you” like enduring each other’s company for extended periods of awkward silence. 


You’ve got Amazon on speed dial and surprise packages arriving on the daily like it’s Christmas in July. Your wallet might be crying but hey, who needs savings when you can show love with cute trinkets and luxury treats? The real thrill is finding the perfect present that says “I know you so well.” From spontaneous gifts to strategic surprises, wrapping up affection in a neatly tied bow is your specialty. If shopping was an Olympic sport, you’d win the gold medal!

When it comes to love languages, most of us end up with a “double feature”! Who knew our hearts came with a personalized top two?

Still wondering how you express affection? Take the quiz to find out if your love language is gifts, words of affirmation, or just memes and food!


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