To Turkey Or Not To Turkey?

That is the Question…
by: Penelope
● November 20, 2023

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, gratitude, and of course, FOOD. Lots and lots and LOTS of it! The highlight of which is the main course. But with times constantly changing, food preferences evolving, and trends coming and going, this begs the question: TO TURKEY OR NOT TO TURKEY? It’s a hard one, we know. We voiced this controversial Thanksgiving dilemma to our TRI family. Let’s see where the poll sides:


The case for TO TURKEY is going strong with the following:


TO TURKEY! How else will I nap 5-min after eating?! How else would I have little leftover sandwiches for 3 weeks following Thanksgiving?! That baby needs to be deep fried and highly seasoned though!!! Turkey is never the star of the show, we usually cook rib eye steaks and a ham…with a million sides. – Samantha

Insert me, the author, thinking deeply on what deep fried turkey tastes like… so interestinggg. Now, where can I get one??!


To Turkey! That’s one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit. – Ruby

LOL!! We love this for you! I too would like to visit Turkey – I heard the hot air balloon rides are something else but this is for another article in the future 😉


I say YESS TO TURKEY because I don’t think it’ll be a Thanksgiving without the turkey on the table. It’s just a perfect way to set the table for the family with a huge turkey. – Rodrigo


TO TURKEY, DUH! With some stiff competition against prime rib, honey glazed ham, and all the glorious sides, turkey may not make it to my plate the day of Thanksgiving, BUT, it definitely serves a big purpose in our leftover lineup. How else would I feed my family for all the weeks after Thanksgiving?? Geolyn

Okay, we see you, Leftover Queen!


Yes to Turkey… for traditions have to pass because what is Thanksgiving without a Turkey? It’s only once a year anyway. Ellen


YES TO TURKEY with all the fixings, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, stuffing (hold the olives), pumpkin pie. Oh! And don’t forget the cranberry sauce.Xochitl

Oh, we know PIE makes EVERYTHING better… trust me!


TO TURKEY! Cause I need a Thanksgiving Dinner Centerpiece. Ayin

We get it. Super valid point!


Yes to TURKEY!… as long as it’s “different” than any normal day. It’s a healthy tradition that breaks from status quo to add to the uniqueness of the day and to reinforce itself as another memorable moment in time that we can reminisce with our loved ones for years to come. – Paul


To TurkeyTurkey is the symbol of Thanksgiving Day. Grateful and thankful always. Cecilia

Having an attitude of gratitude is the way to go!

Let’s face it though, traditions are hard to resist or change. Some people dare to go against and are battling against the giant bird.


NOT TO TURKEY feelings shared below:


Not to turkey.  I could live without turkey, don’t really prefer it. Kristian

He said what he said.


NOT TO TURKEY!!! Because… it takes too long for what it is… or maybe I’m just a TURKEY GRINCH? Penelope

And yes, this is me, the author – I am the Turkey Grinch. Thank you very much!


Not to turkey. It’s too dry. Jennifer

Faaacts. Your feelings are felt.


No, not to Turkey, because of the war in Gaza and it’s not safe to travel. – Percy

LOL, thank you, we needed this!


NOT to turkey. Rotisserie chicken would suffice.Darlene

“To each their own,” I always say.

Whichever side of the bird you may fall and whatever foods you decide to grace during your Thanksgiving feast, the decision is entirely up to you and your loved ones. There is no clear “right” or “wrong” on this matter. Ultimately, a Thanksgiving feast is meant to bring people together in love, joy, and camaraderie. A bonding moment to celebrate, reflect on the year, and express gratitude for all your blessings. But great, now I’m hungry and thinking about what I’m going to make for Thanksgiving. Hmm… how do we feel about that cranberry sauce? Yet another controversial topic. Hmmm… maybe we should start another poll… 😉

Happy Thanksgiving, and gobble ‘til you all wobble, people!

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