How Dogs Woof Away My Worries
by: Penelope
● May 15, 2024

Let’s face it, life can be a lot sometimes – deadlines looming, anxieties swirling, and a “to-do” list that stretches like an endless highway. But amidst the daily chaos, I have my secret weapon: a pack of furry therapists with wagging tails and perpetually happy (or hungry… depends on the moment) expressions… dogs.

Yep yep, you read that right. My mental and emotional wellbeing has a surprising (in my case maybe not that surprising) secret ingredient – canine companionship.

They may not have fancy degrees or medical diplomas, but they are masters at chasing away my stress and reminding me of life’s simple joys at every moment.

Walking Woes Away: Walking could be a chore when you are tired, but with a single sniff of my sneakers, their tails wagging, and those puppy dog eye stares… it’s enough to remind me that it’s something that they look forward to doing with me everyday (plus walking is healthy for their joints too!). Our daily walks are more than just bathroom breaks; they are mini-adventures. Whether they’re seeing other dogs that make them ultra-excited, or watching them roll in the grass and eat leaves, their enthusiasm is contagious. As we walk, my worries melt away, replaced by the soothing pace of their paws and tails and the invigorating embrace of fresh air filling my lungs.

Jack and Bowie walkies.

Cuddly Comfort: Sometimes a hug (or a slobbery lick and nuzzle) is all I need. After a long day (or week), there’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch or bed with a furry friend beside me. Their unconditional love and warmth provide a safe haven, a silent understanding that whispers, “ I am here and you’re not alone.” These moments of quiet companionship are a balm to my soul, a reminder that even on the toughest of days, love is always present.

Winston and Porkchop cuddling with me.

The Joy Factor: It is often said that laughter is the best medicine, and dogs are walking pharmacies. Their presence, goofy antics and playful zoomies – never fail to elicit a smile (or an emotional tear or two), even on the gloomiest days. Their boundless enthusiasm for life is a big lesson in itself: to find joy in the simplest of things (although at times this can be a bite of grass fed angus beef patties), to embrace the present moment (they are the best teacher of just being), and to chase after happiness with unbridled glee.

Jack and I. ❤️

Living in the Now: Dogs are masters of mindfulness. They don’t dwell on the past (except when I forget to walk them on time for their pee session and I hear a whole lot of “angry grunts” LOL) or fret about the future. They exist in the here and now, savoring every bite of cheese, every belly and ear rub, and every ball toss –  or whatever new toy I got them. Being around them teaches me to appreciate the simple pleasures in life – the warmth of the sun on my fur (err… my skin), the feel of the grass on my toes (or paws!), and the pure joy of good walkies (yes, I speak in “puppy talk”).

Dogs may not be able to verbally offer sage advice or solve my problems, but they do something more profound. They offer so much unconditional love that mends me (without the hourly dollar rate and time deadlines) down to my soul. Their warmth, the purrs (or happy grunts), kisses (or slobbers, LOL) and pants create a safe haven that reminds me I am never alone. In those moments the weight of the world seems to lift, replaced by the quiet comfort of pure love.

More than pets, they are my furry anchors, tethering me to life when moments become just a bit too challenging – reminding me to breathe deep and find joy in life’s journey, one paw at a time.

Bronx and Brooklyn (Pomeranian bros), Bao (black and white), Bella and Paris. 


While I’ve been here, I’ve found myself co-parenting not only my partner’s and his roommate’s dogs, but also the dogs of my co-workers, my boss, my friends, our neighbors, and the list continues. It makes me wonder, am I in the wrong career? Cap’t Jack Sparrow, Bowie (yes, David), Porkchop, Winston, Sasha, Malia, and Quincy (the best boxers in town), Bronx & Brooklyn (the Borough Brothers), Paris and Bella (my white princesses), Bao Bao (the cutest bun) – are just a few of the dogs that are part of my life right now and oh boy, how thankful am I for being blessed enough to be loved by them. All I can say is… “one big WOOF” and “love you all to (chicken and cheese) pieces.” ❤️

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