The Ghostest With The Mostest

Serving Halloween Tradition, One Scare At A Time
by: Geolyn
● October 31, 2023

Giovanna Bonifetti Alberico is a local legend and known in her community as the “Queen of Halloween.”

Tucked away in a suburb an hour east of Los Angeles, Ms. Alberico’s front yard is transformed into a curated and imaginative Halloween experience. Adorned with outrageous, extravagant, and outlandish décor with all the embellishments and intricate details, Giovanna proudly hosts this Halloween tradition. Last year’s theme was “Beyond the Grave Rave”, and we’re so happy we got to see it. With a different theme every year, she goes all out, spares no expense, and loves when neighbors try to “compete…” but we all know there’s really no competition. The crowds of people that travel near and far to see what she’ll do next, will 100% agree. One record-breaking year, they had over 500 visitors!

And if you’re lucky, you’ve experienced any or all four of the haunted houses Giovanna has hosted. Her family and friends gather ‘round to suit up, get into character, and serve the energy that brings the haunted house to life. They are the ones waiting for you to walk by, lurking behind every corner to scare you, shooketh you, and hopefully make you and your kids cry. When asked why she works herself to complete exhaustion for Halloween every year, Giovanna’s answer was simple: “I love to make kids cry because it’s funny.” Whatta legend… we heart her.

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