Decoding The Female Language
by: Yalina
● February 12, 2024

Hey guys, listen up! Want to be a hero in your relationship? Then you’ll need to communicate like your life depends on it… because it actually does. Decoding the female communication code is like cracking a secret language. To understand your girl, you must also know how to translate by deciphering emojis and reading between the lines.

Before you start mansplaining about how you know your girl and don’t need to read this article, remember… we are also mind ninjas.

Do you ever wonder what women *really* mean when they say “You don’t have to” or “It’s up to you”? Prepare for some eye-opening revelations, as we decode common phrases used by us ladies, and how men often miss the mark in understanding them.

Time to level up and know how to communicate in her love language. Here are some examples…

What she said: Let’s hang out sometime.
What she meant: I want to spend time with you – You & Me, Just the two of us! A DATE.
What he thinks it means: I’m not 100% sure about this; I’ll try to check how she feels about it. I’ll be casual.

What she said: Look, I’m sorry.
What she meant: This shouldn’t happen… But wait, It’s your fault, too! So you and I should change and think of ways on how to improve this.
What he thinks it means: Can we move on?

What she said: It’s up to you.
What she meant: The correct decision should be obvious, OMG!
What he thinks it means: If I choose and it turns out to be wrong, she will blame me.

What she said: You’re so manly.
What she meant: You need to shave and you sweat a lot.
What he thinks it means: Yeah, the gym is working.

What she said: We need to talk.
What she meant: I need to complain, or you are in BIG trouble.
What he thinks it means: Let me get my AirPods.

What she said: I’m not upset.
What she meant: Of course, I’m upset, DUH! Try to do it again… Just try.
What he thinks it means: Start to get ready to go to the gym.

What she said: I’m almost ready.
What she meant: I’m nowhere near getting ready. It could take me 10 minutes to another hour. Find something to distract yourself in the meantime.
What he thinks it means: Ok, I’ll check back in 5 minutes.

What she said: You don’t have to…
What she meant: You better do it.
What he thinks it means: I think she might be expecting me to do it, but I’m not quite sure…

What she said: I’m not hungry.
What she meant: I’m not dying of starvation, but if something delicious presents itself on your plate… I. Will. Eat. It.
What he thinks it means: I’m going to order extra. 

What she said: Don’t worry about it.
What she meant: I’ve been asking you to do something and you haven’t done it. I’m irritated because I can’t count on you.
What he thinks it means: I feel very unsure about this situation…

What she said: Maybe.
What she meant: NO.
What he thinks it means: So you’re saying there’s a chance?! 

What she said: No.
What she meant: HECK NO.
What he thinks it means: Challenge accepted.


What she said: ❤️‍🔥
What she meant: I burn for you!

What she said: 💝
What she meant: My heart is yours.

What she said: 🫶
What she meant: It’s platonic.

What she said: 💗
What she meant: My feelings are growing for you, but I’m not 100% set on where I stand with you… yet.

What she said: 🥰
What she meant: I genuinely feel the love.

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