The Forces of Nature
by: Anonymous
● April 26, 2024

Welcome, trailblazers! Strap on your boots and grab your sense of humor for a series that’s equal parts exploration and entertaining. “Tales from the Trails” are short stories of adventures in the great outdoors, where each step is just another story of our encounters. From navigating narrow paths to mistaking poison ivy for just “a shrub” – Oops! We’re here to share the highs, lows, and occasional face-plants of life on the trail. So pack your trail mix and leave your dignity at home! Embrace the chaos of nature with open arms… and maaayyyybe a few bandages. 😉

Crunching through the dirt trail beneath my feet like the woodland warrior that I am, I can’t help but admire nature around me. The perfect combination of the summer breeze, cooling as it flows through the trees and chilling my face at the same time… And the sun falling on my back like a warm blanket. The surround sound of nature’s orchestra filled with the symphony of rustling leaves in the trees, birds singing, babbling water, and crickets chirping – no airpods were needed. I would breathe in the fresh air and exhale all of my worries. While I’m on the trails there are no judgments, no pressures, no stress. Just me, myself, and I, taking in the glory of nature’s embrace. So naturally, I figured, yeah, one day I should totally bring a date with me and share this experience.

Ah, a hiking date – where Mother Nature does half the work for you and is a fantastic way to create the mood for a new romantic relationship! No games and no rules… One can’t help but let their defenses down and let their true selves shine. In this case, one particularly memorable hike comes to mind…

The trail was narrow, uneven, and apparently, the perfect setting for deep life conversations. While navigating a narrow and uneven trail, my shy and petite date found herself stumbling her feet along with her words while sharing her life story. She stumbled so much that I ended up becoming her personal human bumper. Her deep life story must have been gripping for her because she leaned on me harder and harder. Trying to keep up with a deep conversation while hiking? Not the easiest task, trust me.

My politeness turned into survival mode reeeeeaaaaal quick as I braced for my possible demise off that narrow trail!

I didn’t realize my shoulder could be a magnet for sideways walkers. Turned out she just needed some emotional support after spilling her life story! I guess I’m the new leaning post, ready to take on all the bumps along with her journey. Life can get wobbly, but I got her back… no wait… side!

Regardless of what we want, life always serves us things that are unexpected. But on the trail, we unexpectedly get things we didn’t realize we needed.

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Who dat? We don’t know them. But we do… LOL. This anonymous author takes ghosting to a whole new level. There are a few people that have a lot to say, but don’t want the spotlight. And that’s okay! These ghostwriters may come and go, but in the end, they’ll always leave you on read.