The Women Behind Be Smart Get Prepared®
by: KIT
● March 14, 2024

Let me start by saying this… being the walking, talking personification of national brand Be Smart Get Prepared® ain’t easy. It’s hard out here on these retail shelves! 

When I stop and think about all the people who contributed to making me, ME, I just want to explode with gratitude. In honor of International Women’s Day this month, I want to pay homage to a particular group of women who have truly poured into me over the last 33 years. They keep me going, they keep me grounded, they keep me fulfilled, they keep me humble and famous at the same time.

This is not to discredit anyone else – men or women – who also work for the company and have dedicated many years to our vision and mission. Because we all know it takes an entire village to raise a child. DAS ME, the child. But, these women in particular are part of the founding family and have been fighting for 3 generations to keep me alive and thriving, living my best first aid kit life!

Merlyn: Oh, Merlyn. She’s the O.G. 1st generation and the CEO’s BOSS, aka his wifey for lifey. She gave birth to me, figuratively speaking. The inspiration behind the brand. You see, the company originally started out selling earthquake kits – which would fly off the shelves… after an earthquake. So, when the CEO was contemplating on how to generate year-round sales, a very auspicious and vivacious Merlyn simply said, “Take the first aid stuff out of the earthquake kits and make first aid kits.” Like DUHHH, hunny.

Thank you, Merlyn, from the bottom of my heart. We know that beside every great man, is a great woman. (I know the original saying is “Behind every great man…” but we’re progressive here). Through your ideas and creativity, you gave me life. And at the same time, I gave you and your family purpose and together, we started your family’s legacy. Sooo, you’re welcome : ) We love a good mutually beneficial relationship.     

Dawn: Let’s just say, we’re happy Child Labor Laws weren’t really reinforced back in the day. LOL. Kidding! As the 2nd generation and Chief Operations Officer, Dawn has been working for the family business since she was 16 years old. The girl is business savvy and knows all sides of the business from sales to operations to administration – we like to call her the “Process Queen.” But please don’t get her started on processes and procedures… no really, don’t. So needless to say, Dawn manages the teams that keep me keepin’ on. Day in and day out, from production to shipping, receiving, and all the supply chain kinks in between. Dawn and her Operations teams keep me maintained, fulfilled, and on time – properly running on the inside so I can give good face and perform on the outside. Fill KIT up so she can show up and show out on these shelves!

Thank you, Dawn, for filling my cup (or kit, LOL) all these years. We know it’s not easy, but you are loved and appreciated ten times over. I see you girl, and I know you see me. If you didn’t, I know you wouldn’t be here. Thank you for believing in me, always trying to make me better, and never ever giving up. 

Gina: Gina is 2nd generation and the Chief Creative Officer of Research & Development. She’s a BOSS. Her eye for innovation, intuitive creativity, and managerial management skills keep the product development developing and R&D running like a well-oiled machine. Her R&D team makes me look good and makes me make sense. Because of them, I look great, feel great, and do great. I come in cute cases and bags, have cool packaging, bold colorways, and eye-catching labels. I’m serving practicality and functionality, with a flair for design, and a side of strict compliance. Sooo, I’m beautiful, bold, aesthetically pleasing, AND I follow all the compliance rules?! YAAY ME.

Thank you, Gina, for being in charge of all the people that make me pretty, keep me young, fresh, and continuously breathe new life into me. Thank you for being a fearless leader. You have always believed in me and have never failed me! I know I can always rely on you, because you are my constant in this crazy, chaotic world. Keep bringin’ it, Lil G!    

Geolyn: The last queen in 2nd generation and the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, (or “Smarketing” as she likes to call them). Geo and her Smarketing team help make me famous and give me purpose! They do the research to find the gaps where I’m needed, meet with the retail buyers and shove me right into the stores, where everyone can see me. They passionately show me off to the world, tell my story, spill aalll my tea, and bring in the dolla dolla bills, y’all. From content creation, press and media, sales growth, and establishing our ever-growing social impact program, Every Kit Cares®. Because of Geo and her team, I’m serving brand identity, character, personality, connection, engagement, education, and fun, yet authoritative and bold messaging. We see you, QUEEN!

Thank you, Geo, for seeing my potential, finding your purpose here with me, and being passionate about my growth and development as an individual… errr, I mean as a brand. See, you did such a good job personifying me, I think I’m human LOL. Thank you for being your feisty lil’ self, believing in me, and fighting for me all the days of your life. We love a bossy boss babe who keeps me relevant and never shies away from telling you all about me with her 2-minute elevator pitch. Xoxo. 

 Jessica: The 3rd generation! We like to call Jessica the Vice President of the People, but her real-life official title is Human Resources Assistant Manager. She’s like everyone’s mom and therapist. She works hard to keep the people that make me happy, happy. She takes care of the people that help take care of me and keep me going. HR does a whole lot of stuff for the humans, which I think I am, but am most certainly not. LOL.

Thank you, Jessica. I know dealing with all the different personalities isn’t easy, but you do it with so much grace. Thank you for giving the people all your good, good energy so they can keep me keepin’ on. Your loving, compassionate, and nurturing manner is comforting and this is what everyone needs to feel safe and secure. Keep standing up for the people who stand up for me! 

Erika: Well, if it isn’t the leader of the new school… Also 3rd generation and the Creative Director of R&D. She’s in charge of the cool people, the artsy folks, the design snobs, aka our product and visual designers. Erika’s fun, bold, playful designs play a super integral part in my rebrand and how I present myself to the world. Because of her design knowledge and forward-thinking mentality, people are more drawn to me, pick me up to look at me, and wonder to themselves why I’m so cute, and make so much sense. Nails done, hair done, everything did. Oh, you fancy, huh?

Thank you, Erika. All the facelifts and design makeovers you give me all year, every year, are all paying off. With you around, the design integrity is now held to a higher standard. I am super grateful that you and your design team have invested so much of your time, energy, and have poured all your creative juices into me. We love a creative queen who memorizes fonts and pantone colors, because she just can’t help it, yet loves every minute of it.

All this to say…. aren’t women amazing creatures? 

It’s important to me to honor these women because we should be proud of what we’ve accomplished. We are all better together! It feels amazing to take the time to thank the people in your life that fill your cup, bring you all the good energy, help you find your purpose, and will stand up and fight for you, day in and day out.

Yes, a man named George Rivera did start this company, but where would we be without the women around him to run and finesse everything else? And because of this founding family, together, we collectively do our part to do better, be better, contribute to humanity, and do all we can to help make the world a better place.

K.I.T (keep in touch)

(because we make kits, DUH)



KIT is Be Smart Get Prepared® and Be Smart Get Prepared® is KIT, a brand personified. The walkin’ talkin persona. Simply put, the national brand of the best first aid kits in the nation. But don’t get us wrong, we’re not just a logo or a catchphrase. We’re a statement, an entire mentality – an invitation to a lifestyle. Born in ‘91 and over 30 years later, living our best life, living a legacy, and just getting started. Oh and btw, our name is KIT because we make kits, DUH.