Mom Myths & Mishaps

A Mother’s Day Tribute
by: Penelope
● May 18, 2023

While growing up in an Asian household, mothers typically hold strong leadership roles. I guess it’s typical to expect that from having an Asian mom, and my mother is definitely no different. Along with the renowned discipline tactics she implemented, there were also many moments with words of wisdom that have stuck with me through the years. I wholeheartedly thought these words were “legit” and “true” to the core, but once I talked to my non-Asian friends, I found out that well… maybe they were just myths? But… I swear they MUST be true… or are they?

My mom was an “expert” on a variety of topics:

1. On digestive health:

“You cannot eat watermelon on an empty stomach or you will get a “cold tummy.”
What exactly is a “cold tummy?” Especially when the Philippines is so hot all the time?

2. On death:

“Don’t sleep when you are full, or you will get bangungot (meaning “nightmares” in Tagalog), and then you will die!”
To this day, I still get so scared of that statement, I hold off on sleeping until 4 hours after I eat!

3. On body hygiene:

“Do not clip your nails at night because it is very bad luck.”
Umm… For some reason, I still have not asked why.

4. On post-surgery / post-injury diet:

“I will cook steamed grouper for you because it is the best kind of food that will heal your body.”
Well, I love a good steamed fish so… Yay! Thank you! But I still don’t understand why…why?

Although there are so many more “words of wisdom” to recount, here’s my ultimate favorite one that she told me:

“Women are evil you know…more evil than men.”
Okayyy… so THIS bold statement can obviously ignite many discussions, but my personal insight on this is for a whole other topic of conversation. Ha!

In the spirit of fondness, or may I say, “tribute” to our moms, I asked friends if they also had any interesting and unforgettable Mom Myths & Mishaps and here’s what they shared…

“Sweeping the floor at night will drive away luck or incoming blessings.”
But what if that’s the ONLY time I’m home and can do chores? ☺

“When the clock strikes 12 on January 1st, you should jump up and down to get taller.”
“I never grew taller after the age of 18, so I guess we should probably put an age limit on this one.”

“When you get lost, turn your clothes inside-out, so you can go back.”
I guess the roadmap is inside our clothes?

“Don’t go to sleep with your hair wet or you’ll wake up with a cold.”
I’ve been told this one too! And I think it may hold true because I’m often sick.

“Don’t ever place your handbag/purse on the floor because you will lose money.”
Annnnnd this I will forever hold to be true!

“Boys are easy. They are less DRAMA, but harder to keep alive.”
True, true.

Our moms not only gave us all these nuggets of wisdom, but they could also collectively be featured in a comedy show that never ends…

“My mom once told me, ‘Mija que te dijo el doctor? Te dijo ‘WOW you have pretty pimples?’  When my doctor had told me ‘Wow, you have pretty dimples!’”
Saying you have “pretty pimples” is only something a mother would say!

“I smoked pot when I was pregnant with you, and that’s why you’re gay.”
I mean…. I can’t. LOLLLL!!     

“My Hispanic mom used to pronounce avocado = ‘avoCAYdo,’ and salmon = ‘SALLmon’ – when I would correct her, she would say, ‘Why is English so confusing?! Why is not spoken the way it’s spelled?!?’”
We feel you, no one gets the English language.

“You can’t play sports like your sister because you might break your leg and you won’t be able to dance and compete anymore.”
Awww, as if competitive dancing couldn’t possibly break one’s leg…

It’s evident that a mother’s love can be seen as a reflection of God’s love… and humor. I’m sure that our mothers will never run out of advice, words of wisdom, or stories to share with us. What these myths and mishaps prove is how much our moms care for us and have our best interests at heart, and their words have been ingrained in our minds and will stay with us throughout our lives. And for all these words – whether true, funny, weird, questionable, or indifferent, we want to say, “Thank you MOM! We love you!”

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