We Need Answers!
by: Yalina
● April 16, 2024

Life has its moments of unanswered questions and mysteries. Somehow, we still can’t find definitive answers for the simplest things. At Total Resources International, I asked my fellow colleagues what they strongly feel we need answers to, and this is what they said…


  1. Why can’t you use an Apple iMac mouse while it’s charging? WHYYY?

    Yeah, so I’ll just sit and stare at my computer for 10 minutes while my mouse charges. Biggest design flaw of the century.

  3. Why is student loan debt even a thing? Why am I being punished for getting a higher education?
    If this is what adulting looks like, excuse me while I crawl back into the fetal position and cry like a baby.

  5. How are 2-day weekends considered “sufficient rest”?

    I vote for 2-day work weeks and 5-day weekends. 😊

  7. Why do we have ZERO control over the resell market?
    Honestly, the only ones dumber than the resell market are the ones buying from resellers. But I really needed to see Drake for $1K…

  9. The rich and famous can afford the world, yet somehow they’re the ones getting everything for free.

    Where do I sign up for the free stuff? … and I don’t mean food stamps… or maybe I do. EBT for everyone! This took a weird turn…

  11. Saying that you’re up for something or down for something literally mean the exact same thing.

    BEWARE: choosing “up” or “down” may age you… So choose wisely. I choose down. I’m not old, you are. LOL.

  13. Don’t you dare = Do not you dare.

    Just don’t. Just do not.

  15. Why can’t you get a hold of an actual person on the phone when you have specific questions that are not dial options?

    The Lord is testing me…

  17. Fake pockets. Why do companies manufacture clothing with fake pockets?
    Why are the pockets on my $250 coat sewn shut? Where am I supposed to put my phone and lipstick?

  19. Who came up with colors? Who looked around and decided the sky was blue and grass was green?
    This is not a complaint. Colors, rainbows, kaleidoscopes, and landscapes are absolutely magical.

  21. Who was the first person to eat an egg? Who saw a chicken “poop” and said “breakfast is served”?

    Eggs are liquid chickens that come out of a chicken’s butt. Gross.

  23. How do we know more about space than the ocean?

    The ocean is full of life, color, mystery, gadgets and gizmos a plenty. While space is just a huge dark space full of… Not much life. Basically the ocean requires too much work and we’re just being lazy. Got it.

  25. Why are Be Smart Get Prepared® first aid kits not in Target and Costco?
    I mean… They’re apparently just not in the know. We’ll get ‘em one day. Mark my words!

As we ponder these unanswered questions… Maybe the real answer is simply to just laugh and accept that a round pizza comes in a square box and that we park in driveways and drive in parkways. I guess it’s just part of embracing the quirks and absurdities of life. Sometimes life’s mysteries are meant to be laughed at, not solved.

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