We’re Making HIStory, HERstory
by: Penelope
● March 27, 2024

Let’s face it, the “inspirational women” articles can be a bit much sometimes. Photos of CEOs in power suits scaling mountains while juggling flaming chainsaws (metaphorically, of course lol) leave us mere mortals feeling like we haven’t achieved enough.

But fear not, sisters! In honor of Women’s HERstory month, we celebrate the truly inspiring women – the ones who remind us that greatness can coexist with messy buns, questionable life choices, and the occasional meltdown (or maybe not that occasional…) over a rogue eyelash that won’t cooperate.  



I’m blessed to say my mom is my inspiration.

From being the perfect momma (I mean the lady made us heart cut-shaped sandwiches with a note & stickers every day for lunch), to being the original housewife of Chino, and to being a boss babe President of TRI (but still worked full time – even over time). She did it all while looking flawless (nails done, hair done, everything did). She always managed to keep it together for my sister & I. While looking back, I’m in awe of all she could accomplish in just one day.

She was the grounding foundation for my faith in the Lord. Even at my big ol’ age of 30, she continues to be the rock I can lean on (even when I think I don’t need her). Now seeing her as the best grandma, is just the ultimate cherry on top.

Look, I know it’s not Mother’s Day yet, but my mom is truly my main inspiration.

Aside from being my style guru (her style is truly iconic) and initiating my faith in God, she has shown me time and time again that age ain’t nothin’ but a number, how to walk the walk/talk the talk, and what it means to be fearless and resilient in the face of adversity. From leaving her hometown in Mexico to starting a new life in Los Angeles (at the age of 19), overcoming language barriers (¿Como se dice?), becoming a single mom, achieving dreams like a boss, and forging a successful career for herself (without a HS degree), my mother is truly one of the bravest, smartest, stylish, and strongest people I know.

My mom is literally not afraid of anything… well, except for bees, but that’s a different story. Her fearless, unbothered nature along with her unwavering strength and genuine honesty, has shaped me to become the person I am today. She taught me that anything is possible by proving that success knows no limits and that having thin eyebrows in the 90s wasn’t a cute look on me.

Here’s to my forever young mentor who’s got me believing in myself at any age – because why shouldn’t we all slay at every stage of life?!


I know, I know… almost everyone says their inspiration is their mom… so predictable! DON’T CARE! 

My mom is a beautiful, strong, God-fearing woman who loves her family.

She stands up for what she believes in even when it’s not popular, is kind to everyone (but is not afraid to tell you what she thinks), is a “get-sh*t-done” boss lady… and what is more inspiring than that!? 

She has shown me what it is to be a woman of integrity, a loving wife and God-willing, a wonderful mother one day. She is my biggest inspiration and greatest friend. I hope to be even an ounce of who she is one day.


OFELIA – You were a pastor’s wife, faced with the challenge of loving people who are disappointed with your husband, LOL. You worked double jobs as a principal for more than 40 years and as a program director for a non-profit organization for disadvantaged children to make ends meet because being in a ministry is not a lucrative job, and it won’t provide a comfortable life for the family. 

You have the prettiest face, and you were very stylish. But more than that pretty face, I admire your Integrity the most. You are never late for your meetings; you were never late for your birthday or anniversary greetings. Your promise is a promise. You will do whatever it takes to fulfill any of it. You walk the talk- recognition is unimportant; you are what you are when no one is looking. 

The list of your good attitudes could go on, but the most important lesson you taught me was to live a life that presses forward to the purpose of our Lord. You told me that whether good or bad, God’s intention for my life is to bless me and be closer to Him, so I should use my circumstances to fulfill it. 

Your positivity is contagious. I remembered YOU being there during all of my lowest points – and being my strength. You taught me to bless my enemy because YOU said God allows enemies to see if we really want to be like Him.  

When you retired, you dedicated your life to the Church. You don’t want to join us here because you said we are good and the ministry is where you are needed. I despised the day that you were gone, thinking that I will not be able to talk and pray with you. But your investment and the seeds you planted did not die. I am so lucky to have a Mother-in-law like you. They said, “A mother gives birth to your dreams, while a mother-in-law helps nurture them.” YOU surely did, and I am beyond grateful.


So many women have inspired me over the years – including all the beautiful, strong, independent women in my family – my mom, sisters, and nieces. But the woman who inspires me the most in my life is my daughter, my first born, Aijah Raye. 

Ever since she was little, I always hoped and prayed that one day, I would be a great source of inspiration for her. She gave me purpose and changed my life. Raising her brought out a more feminine, tender, and vulnerable side of me that boys just don’t. All I’ve ever wanted was for my kids to be proud of the woman I am, what I’ve accomplished, and realize the impact I had on their lives.

Now that she’s a grown woman herself, she actually sees me, recognizes me, expresses her love and appreciation, tells me she’s proud of me, and reminds me how bright I shine, especially when I feel dull. And she definitely tells me when I need to do better and get it together too. At this point in our relationship, it just makes me feel like WOW, WE DID THAT. Definitely a full-circle type moment.


I’ve always been surrounded and shaped by strong independent women. From my grandmothers, mother, aunts, sister, and friends – and for that, I am eternally grateful. However, there was always one woman who had always been a source of inspiration ever since we met, my friend, my soul sister – Mikka. 

She knew of all my deepest failures and most embarrassing moments, and still believed and loved me enough to urge me on to live and make use of my God-given potential. Her belief in me never wavered… up until our last conversations, she would always say that I can do whatever it is I want in this world and be successful. 

Her life serves as a template of a life well lived – she inspired not only me, but countless others through her style, business, and strength amidst challenges. But her greatest gift to me was the grace she showed amidst her battle with cancer – that yes, life should be enjoyed, treasured and lived mindfully and with purpose. I could only aspire to have a life like hers but at the same time I know that living my own life is enough, because she has always shown me that being myself is enough.


These are the women who inspire us, not because they’re perfect, but because they’re perfectly imperfect. They remind us that the journey to greatness (or at least a functioning adult life) is messy, hilarious, and fueled by copious amounts of caffeine (or wine if time permits). So, the next time you feel like a fraud or a failure, remember: you are enough. You are strong. And you, my friend, are one spilled coffee (or red wine) stain away from your own inspirational meme. 😉

Though these stories are not unique to any of us. They could also be the stories of countless women who have lifted others, brick by emotional brick, building a foundation for the better. The next time you see an inspiring woman, take a moment to honor not just her achievements, but the unseen village of women who helped her reach for the stars. The world may not sing their praises, but their love and belief echo in every victory, and in every dream realized.

They are the unsung heroes, the quiet sparks that ignite the fire within us. They are a testament to the enduring power of love, support, and the unwavering belief in the potential of another woman. So, to us and to all those behind and beside us, CHEERS!

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