Where My Girls At?
by: Yalina
● February 12, 2024

Whether you throw on a spicy lil’ ’fit and gather your ride-or-die squad for a Galentine’s Day-themed event on February 13th, have a chill night in with your favorite flicks on February 14th, and/or score on the cute, heart-shaped chocolates on February 15th… this is the perfect time to DO. IT. ALL. Who needs a significant other when you’ve got Jesus, self-love, independence, squad goals, and the power to make Valentine’s Day your own holiday? This year, we’re rewriting the rules and making it all about treating ourselves and finding creative ways to celebrate love – here are some options on how to thrive and live your best life on or around V-Day:

  1. Galentine’s Day – A term that was created on the popular TV show, “Parks and Recreation,” is an event to celebrate the love and bond you have with your girl gang. Whether you’re brunching, laughing, or just spreading some extra love, let’s show our gal pals how much they mean to us on this special day because… who needs a Valentine when you’ve got your girls?! Let’s raise a glass to Leslie Knope for giving us a reason to dedicate February 13th to our fabulous friends, the amazing women who lift us up, make us laugh, and always have our back. Because… who run the world? Girls!

  2. Pizza – I don’t know about you, but pizza is one of my top FAVORITE foods. It’s one of my love languages, so I included it on this list. Seriously, I could literally eat pizza all day, err-day… I LOVE IT. If you’re planning a night in watching your favorite movies or having a potluck on Galentine’s Day, test your skillz and make a heart-shaped pizza (or order one, I won’t tell). Bonus points if you cut the pepperoni into heart shapes as well… you know, for the ‘gram.
  3. Volunteer – Feelin’ the love? Spread it around like confetti! Gifting some quality time and TLC to those in need could totally be your new superpower. Whether it’s kids, families, pets or seniors – they all deserve some of your love and sparkle. You can click here to search for places to volunteer in your area!

  4. Donate – Not a fan of people-ing? No worries, you can still spread some love by donating to our ministry, Vision Himpossible! For just $20, you can make a huge difference in the life of a child. Help provide education, meals, or medical assistance. Let’s be real – making a difference feels way better than forced socializing, right? You can click here to donate and sponsor a child.
  5. Movie Night – Whether I’m rocking the ultimate cozy look for a movie night at home or glamming up my loungewear to hit the local theater, you can bet that tied hair and chill mode are in full effect. Who says comfort can’t be stylish? Whether it’s couch potato chic or big screen fabulousness, get your popcorn or charcuterie board ready for some serious movie magic!

  6. V-Day Cards – Who says Valentine’s Day is just for lovers? Embrace your inner child and make some adorable V-Day cards for your besties! Because let’s be real, getting a card from your BFF hits different. Who needs love when you’ve got friends who make you snort-laugh? Get creative, channel that youthful spirit, and spread the love to your ride or dies this Valentine’s Day!
  7. Chocolate – Let’s talk about the real MVP of sweets – chocolate! Whether it’s in a fancy box or just straight out of the bag, no sweet treat can compete. From dipping strawberries to creating a full-on fondue experience, chocolate is always there for me… for you. It’s also discounted on February 15th, so be on the lookout!
  8. Wine Tasting – Wine not make V-Day a grape day and hit up your local winery or tasting rooms? It’s the vine thing to do! Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just really good at drinking it, there’s no whining when there’s wine involved. So pour yourself a glass and let the good times flow. Who knows, you might walk out feeling like a sommelier… or at least with a good buzz! Cheers!

  9. Coffee Shop – If wine is not your thing, you can hit up a new or different local coffee shop. Whether it’s open mic night or just a cozy spot to unwind, coffee shops are ideal to get some much-needed R&R while sippin’ on your favorite brew.
  10. Start a New Project – Who else has that *one* project gathering dust in the back of their mind? (raises hand). Whether it’s the book you’ve been meaning to read or the scarf you promised you’d knit ages ago, kick procrastination to the curb and make it happen!

  11. Spa Day – Who says you need a sugar daddy to indulge in the ultimate spa day? Treat yo’self, girl – you deserve it all, you Queen! Book a massage at your local spot and let those knots surrender under the magic touch of relaxation. You’re worth every knot that unravels!

Looks like we’ve got a jam-packed Valentine’s week ahead! Get ready to slay in your spicy ‘fit with your squad on the 13th, then cozy up for movie night action on the 14th. And hey, who can resist discounted heart-shaped chocolates on the 15th? It’s time to embrace it all, because why limit good vibes to just one day? Let’s rock this love fest! Cheers to embracing being single and enjoying every moment during this season of your life.

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