How To Dance In The Rain

From Your Resident 40+ Year Old Auntie
by: Penelope
● October 19, 2023

For most people, dancing in the rain is a classic and romantic gesture that is often seen in movies and TV shows. Allegedly, it’s considered a symbol of freedom, spontaneity, and love. It begs the question… but what if you’re not the romantic type? What if you are just plain clumsy? What if you’re having a bad day and you need a good moment to just let it “all out”? Because crying is SO overrated. Let me share a guide to dancing in the rain, even if you’re totally clueless about it:


I’ll let you know that NOT all rain is created equal – especially if you live in a tropical country, you all know what kind of rain there is! If you’re going to dance in the rain, make sure that it’s the warm and gentle kind. Avoid heavy downpours or thunderstorms because they could be dangerous.

Step 2: Wear the RIGHT CLOTHES

Please don’t wear your best clothes, because… well, you are going to get wet. Instead, opt for something that’s comfortable and dries quickly. A swimsuit, shorts, and a tank top are all good options. Another option would be to throw on your rattiest, wear-around-the-house clothes.

Step 3: Choose your LOCATION carefully

You definitely don’t want to dance in the rain on a busy street or parking lot. Let’s avoid accidents, people! Instead, find a secluded spot where you can let loose without worrying about being hit by a car.

Step 4: Start with SIMPLE MOVES

Don’t try to do anything too complicated, or you’re going to slip and fall – which is not the point of this activity at all… trust me. Instead, start with some basic moves like twirling, jumping, and splashing. Repeat.

Step 5: DON’T be afraid to be SILLY

Dancing in the rain is all about just having fun and experiencing the world with childlike wonder. Don’t be afraid to just be yourself.

A simple act of ‘Dancing in the Rain,’ helps you realize that things are only temporary, a passing occurrence that you can use to your advantage… and hey, why not have fun while at it?

In case the above steps weren’t enough to convince you, here are some more additional tips for the “clueless dancer”:

    • If you are worried about slipping, wear shoes with very good traction. Rain boots perhaps? If you’re bougie, splurge on a pair of Hunters… in green!

    • If you have long hair, tie it back, so it doesn’t get in your face.

    • Be careful not to dance too close to puddles, or you might splash yourself in the face… and get dirty water inside your mouth… eeekkk!

    • If you start to feel cold, take a break. There’s no shame in warming up before you go out again to dance. Go inside your home and have a good cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows or a hot apple cider.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT TAKE YOURSELF TOO SERIOUSLY. Dancing in the rain is supposed to be fun. Relax and enjoy the experience.

Here are some likely funny scenarios that could happen when you dance in the rain:

    • You slip and fall in a puddle… and your friend catches you on camera and it goes viral. Hi TikTok!

    • You try to do a twirl, but your hair gets caught in the wind and you end up spinning in circles. Um, funny, but I guarantee this will result in walking wobbly after with some huge laughs.

    • You start to sing along to your favorite song, but your voice is so bad that it makes everyone else stop dancing – buuuuut, if you are alone, just go on and belt that song out to your heart’s content. This is very liberating. It’s like singing in the shower, but on a much bigger scale.

    • You try to do a lift with your friend (or partner), but you both end up falling in the mud. Hey, Dirty Dancing scene… I SEE YOU!

To sum it up, even if things don’t go perfectly, dancing in the rain is a lot of fun. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and connect with the “child” within you. It is a metaphor for resilience. It’s about finding joy and freedom amidst challenges. It signifies the ability to let go of worries, embrace the moment, and leave with precious lessons for the sake of your betterment.

Resilience gives you the ability to bounce back from life’s “downs” and grow from them.

Much like how we deal with life and all the different things that happen along the way. By choosing to dance in the rain, it shows how you react to challenges or less-than-perfect situations to better yourself.

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