Hi, My Name is KIT

by: KIT
● May 5, 2023

Hi, I’m KIT and I know, I know…it’s a pleasure to meet me after all these years. LOL. “Who dis?” you ask? Well, I am a brand personified. I am Be Smart Get Prepared and Be Smart Get Prepared is me. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not just some logo or catch phrase, but more of a statement. A message, an invitation to a lifestyle. And guess what?? She is celebrating her birthday this month!! She is me – I’m she. On May 5, 1991, a star was born. That’s me, I’m the star! Cinco de Mayo ain’t got nothin’ on me. Born in ‘91 and 32 years later, here I am, thriving! Living my best life, carrying on a legacy, and really just getting started.

You may have seen me in stores, online, or perhaps even TV shows or movies. Word on the street is, I’m cuuute. Aesthetically pleasing, fiercely competitive, and dare I even say… the whole package. All that and a bag of kits (yes, I said kits, not chips). There are many moving parts to my story, so let me break it down for you.

I, Be Smart Get Prepared®, am owned and operated by a minority Filipino family company, Total Resources International, Inc. (TRI), located in Walnut, California. Essentially, I am the product of founders, George & Merlyn Rivera’s vision and labor of love. Enchanting, I know.

The juicy part is… In the last 32 years, TRI has become one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of First Aid Kits and Emergency Preparedness solutions. As Be Smart Get Prepared, I span across multiple retail categories like Home, Outdoors, Auto and Emergency Survival – because you know, I’m versatile like that. I am full of innovation, insight, and style and can be found in stores or online. I’m designed with you, the consumer, in mind. We’re just a cute, curated selection of First Aid Kits made just for you. And not to brag or anything, but I’ve been living in the world’s largest retailers for 25+ years now. Catch me at Sam’s Club, Walmart, Amazon, O’Reilly, Kroger, Ralph’s, Food 4 Less, Walgreens, CVS, and so much more. My resume is long y’all, but I’m just giving you the juicy bits.

As much as I’d love to spill all the tea right here and now, I won’t. There’s so much more to my story, OUR story. Sooo BRB, stay tuned for next month’s schpeel about an immigrant with a dream, his wife, and the love of his life.

K.I.T (keep in touch)

(because we make kits, DUH)



KIT is Be Smart Get Prepared® and Be Smart Get Prepared® is KIT, a brand personified. The walkin’ talkin persona. Simply put, the national brand of the best first aid kits in the nation. But don’t get us wrong, we’re not just a logo or a catchphrase. We’re a statement, an entire mentality – an invitation to a lifestyle. Born in ‘91 and over 30 years later, living our best life, living a legacy, and just getting started. Oh and btw, our name is KIT because we make kits, DUH.