Grandparents Day Is Cute

But, Like, When’s National Parents Day??
by: Geolyn
● September 27, 2023

Imagine a room full of people just beaming with pride and joy. A twinkle in their eyes, smiling from ear to ear, while animated conversations are poppin’, the laughter is laughing, and the buzz is buzzing. Charming little forget-me-not flowers adorn the tables, while DIY Pinterest inspired decorations and strings of pictures run across the room. Everyone is cheesin’ it up, taking cute pics next to their cute pics, as they point to their cute pics. You know exactly what I’m talking about. No, it’s not a graduation, no it’s not a birthday party, and no, it’s not a retirement party…although it could be LOL. IT’S GRANDPARENTS DAY, Y’ALL! Yes, we know the official Grandparents Day was September 10th, yet here we are celebrating on September 15th, because we can and because why not??

As the host greets the G-parents and gives them a lil’ opening speech on the national history and significance of this day, you can just feel the energy. Like, they’re all just so happy. Their grandchildren are not even in the room (because it’s not National Daycare at Work Day LOL), but you can feel they honor this role and rock the G-parent title proudly. Just the grandparent title alone, means you’ve done something great. You’ve raised responsible humans that now have their own little humans that you can do all the G-parent things with that you’re told not to do, then tell all your friends about it on Facebook, and take all the pics to save on your computer and phone screensaver.

In honor of G-parents Day, our company, Total Resources Intl, wanted to remind the G-parents how much they are loved, adored, appreciated, and most importantly, how blessed they are to have the luxury of spoiling some children that are not theirs, and then be able to send those children right back to the portal from whence they came – their parents. I mean… I literally cannot wait to be a G-MA! Give me aaallll the baby fever without anyyyy of the responsibility. Am I right or AM I RIGHT?!

After lunch and dessert were eaten, all the games were played, prizes and paid days off were raffled, pics were taken, and they watched a video with endearing messages from their G-kids, we sent the G-parents off back to the portals from whence they came – back to work. But also, because they’re G-parents, they got to leave work a few hours early. Whatta vibe. We love a cute company who celebrates cute grandparents with a cute lunch and gives them a cute couple of hours off early. YAAAY US!

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