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Grateful for All the Thanksgiving "Gone Wrongs"
by: Penelope
● November 20, 2023

Anytime there’s a big gathering of family and friends on Thanksgiving, it’s almost a recipe for disaster. From uncooked birds, to burnt food, and exploding sauces, Thanksgiving mishaps are legendary stories we can tell for ages. While surrounded by family and loved ones, we often look back and reminisce about the mishaps. They usually ended up being funnier and more memorable… after the devastation wore off, of course.  


Thinking back over the years, and after discussing with a couple of friends, I compiled a list of funny family feast fails that occurred during the infamous “turkey day”:


1. The Day the Turkey Didn’t Thaw

The cardinal rule for every Thanksgiving chef is to make sure the turkey is thawed properly.  (Ahem, take it out the night before). Especially since it’s such a big bird! What happens when you don’t take it out of the freezer until the day of the feast? Well, that’s exactly what happened to my friend, unlucky Larry. Larry pulled out all the stops with the ambience, decorations, etc. but he forgot to pull out the turkey from the freezer. Needless to say, Thanksgiving dinner turned into the Day-After-Thanksgiving breakfast. Nice try, Larry. LOL

2. The Cranberry Sauce that Exploded

Now, cranberry sauce really is my favorite! But what happens when you get a little too eager while heating it? That’s what happened to my friend Cara, whose cranberry sauce had a mind of its own. Cara’s cran sauce got a little too happy and decided to bubble over and erupted in a spectacular display of gloppy red goop. The guests didn’t want to get their clothes dirty, so apparently, they all just stood there and watched. The kitchen ended up looking like a scene from the Halloween movie, Friday The 13th during the Camp Crystal Lake scene.

3. The Overcooked Stuffing

Stuffing is loved and adored by many. It’s also one of my personal faves. But what happens when you leave it in the oven for far too long? Well, that is what happened to me one Thanksgiving. I was so preoccupied by being the hostess with the mostest – being hospitable, telling stories, and concocting drinks (ahem). My stuffing turned into one big, dry, brick! My dry stuffing brick would’ve been more useful in building a house rather than eating (as my aunt would say).

4. Gravy Gone Rogue

Gravy makes the turkey and mashed potatoes FIRE. Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without gravy. But what happens when you overfill the pot, forget it’s boiling, and it spills all over the counters and kitchen floor? This was one memorable Thanksgiving meal! Errr, I mean, MESS. The kitchen that belonged to my friend, George, turned into a gravy slip n’ slide! While watching everyone trying to steadily clean it up, they were slipping and falling on the little gravy puddles instead. Of course, they were all wearing their finest holiday attire. That was the added extra bonus. This seriously looked like a scene in a holiday rom-com, and I’m so glad it’s logged into my memory forever.

5. The Flying Bird

I’m sure this one has happened to many people… I’ve heard so many stories from friends, and also read some online. My friend, Dani, told me a story of how her dad would get ready and set up to carve the glorious, crispy, juicy turkey. Every year, it’s a thing. He polishes his special carving cutlery and makes a big “to-do” out of it. Well, this one particular year, the turkey just decided it didn’t want to be carved. Not today, hunny! Once dad’s cutlery hit the bird, it was like the turkey knew. The turkey slipped out from under him and tumbled straight onto the floor! After a long moment of stunned silence, everyone just burst out laughing! The only one who did not laugh was her dad. He just looked defeated. Like his Thanksgiving just got robbed by a big, dead bird. Which it did. LOL.

Cheers to all of the funny family feast fails on Thanksgiving! May they be legendary, may we have more of them, but may they not completely ruin our day! After all, that is what celebrating and coming together as a family means – having fun (despite the mishaps), sharing a meal (and the non-edible cooking that may result too), and having tons of laughter. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s have a toast to all of the food we will eat, and the memories we will share for lifetimes to come.

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