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Diabetes-Friendly Wound Care at Your Fingertips
by: KIT
● November 20, 2023

In honor of those living with diabetes and Diabetes Awareness month, we thought it was only fitting to let y’all in on a big secret. Our brand, Be Smart Get Prepared®, created a line of wound care kits that helps people living with diabetes manage their wounds. With our kits, they can treat their foot and leg ulcers at the onset, and in the convenience of their own homes. Whaaaat?!! After years of market research, product development, and many, many meetings with our retail partners, we are so proud to offer convenient, affordable, and efficient solutions for diabetes-friendly wound care. So, dear friends, please consider thyself notified, aware, and IYKYK. I mean, we have a breakthrough in infection prevention… Let’s get into it, people!

Here’s the scoop and here’s where you can find us:

Feel Good 55 pc Diabetes-Friendly Wound Care is sitting pretty on Walgreens shelves for only $29.99. We want you to feel good and live your best life. So, if $29.99 will Clean, Treat, Protect, and Secure diabetic wound stages 1, 2, & 3 and saves you a trip to the doctor or hospital, I would say YES, PLEASE!

Tender Lovin’ 70 pc Diabetes-Friendly Wound Care is a proud participant in Better Choices for Life program, offered by the American Diabetes Association®. Quite lovely and aesthetically pleasing, Tender Lovin’ graces your presence on Amazon and First Aid Plus More for only $39.99. It comes in a cute, organized fold-out bag with labeled compartments to Clean, Treat, Protect, and Secure your wounds. It allows for 5 or more wound dressing changes.

The starring roles in both of these kits are… drum roll, please… SILVEX® Nano Silver Wound Gel and the silicone foam pads. Together, SILVEX® Wound Gel and silicone foam pads create a moist wound environment, while SILVEX® works its magic. Efficiently killing 99.9% of bacteria, SILVEX® is a fast working antimicrobial, and is strong enough to treat MRSA, VRE, Staph, e.Coli and much, much more.


We will not fall victim to our wounds! Whether caring for yourself or someone else, Be Smart Get Prepared® Diabetes-Friendly Wound Care was designed to empower you and help give you a better-quality life. The choice is yours! It’s a good thing we offer life-changing solutions to help you choose wisely! For more information, please visit https://diabeticwoundcare.us/

Until next time!

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