Where Platonic Soulmates Wear Yoga Pants (or Sweats and Crocs) and Wine is the Elixir of Life
by: Penelope
● February 28, 2024

Remember when we were very young and making friends was as simple as sharing your precious juice box and biscuits that your mom lovingly packed for you? Remember those effortless schoolyard hangouts where you try to catch the most number of ladybugs and dragonflies? Yeah… well those days are long gone (and I mean loooooonggggg gone!). Aahhhh… the golden age. Now, as adults, friendships feel like trying to herd cats while wearing oven mitts for a cat family picture – chaotic, hilarious, and with occasional success. But fear not, fellow comrades in adulting! Even amidst the scheduling nightmares and existential woes, adult friendships remain the unsung heroes of our sanity.

Why Adult Friendships Are Like That Weird Uncle at Thanksgiving:

  1. Unpredictable and Full of Surprises: You’ll never know when they’ll show up in their best Rick Owens outfit (or a full blown Kimono) with a casserole of vegetarian adobo or regale with a questionable (but undeniably original) life story you can’t unhear (and forget). But heyyyyyy… they keep things interesting.
  2. Embarrassing Yet Beloved: Remember the time you did karaoke after three margaritas and sang Selena’s “Dreaming of You” like a wounded walrus? They were there… judging silently yet offering tissues and emergency shouts of support. True friends embrace in cringe (yep, trust me I KNOW this).
  3. Dispensers of Tough Love (and Wine): They will call you out on your BS, but also be the first to ask you out on a night of drinks and tears after a heart wrenching breakup. They are the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker, minus the green skin and questionable grammar.

Challenges of Adulting: When Friendships Feel Like Folding Fitted Sheets and Changing a King Size Duvet When You are Just a Shortie at 5’0:

  1. Scheduling Conflicts: Trying to coordinate calendars feels like deciphering ancient hieroglyphics. “Free on Thursday at 3 am?” Sure, as long as I haven’t spontaneously combusted by then.
  2. Life Stage Mismatches: Your friend might be knee-deep in baby puke while you are still mastering the Dyson Air Wrap (btw – it is harder than the online videos show…). Embrace the chaos, offer virtual cheers, and remember, friendships transcend life stages (even if your sleep schedules don’t).
  3. The Art of Small Talk: Gone are the days of dissecting the pages of BOP Magazine and debating who the cutest boy is in its pages. Now, adult conversations involve the best supplements for better memory and easing joint pains, mammograms, and existential dread. But hey, even the mundane can be hilarious with the right friend by your side.
“Despite the challenges, adult friendships are like fine wine – they get better with age (and maybe a few glasses).”

BUT WAIT, There’s Hope (And Wine!):

Despite the challenges, adult friendships are like fine wine – they get better with age (and maybe a few glasses). Here’s to:

Celebrating the Little Victories: From surviving a work presentation to finally mastering that perfect cornbread recipe, true friends cheer you on, even if your victory involves questionable fashion choices (hmm…).

Embracing the Weird: We all have our quirks (oh yeahhhh), and true friends love us for them. So go ahead, belt out off-key 80’s classics in the shower, your bestie will be there (probably recording it for blackmail purposes, but with lots of love!).

Remembering that Laughter is the Best Medicine: Even when life throws curveballs (one at a time or sometimes three in a row), shared laughter can turn tears into giggles and make even the simplest of things unforgettable.

So, raise a glass (or a can of Claw, no judgment) to your adult friends – your chosen family who make life’s messy journey a little more bearable, a whole lot funnier, and definitely more wine-soaked. Remember that even though adulting is hard, true friendships make it feel like a hilarious, slightly tipsy adventure, and that’s something worth celebrating. Cheers!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a dog to consult about potential karaoke song choices. My therapist (aka my best friend) will be thrilled.

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