Sleigh Your Gift-Giving Game
by: Yalina
● December 14, 2023

Tick tock, tick tock… the countdown to buy those Christmas gifts are upon us! With all the holiday deals flashing everywhere, we know it can get a bit overwhelming. But rest assured, you still have time before Santa Claus comes to town… before all your holiday-scented candles are lit… and maybe before YOU get lit – we got you! Our fabulous KIT & Connections contributors are here to share their curated selection of gifts for different types, interests, and personalities… all for under $30! We hope you find the perfect gift for your family member, bestie, spouse, your “work spouse”, or yourself! Because you totally deserve it!

Yalina’s “Lazy Self–Love” Recommendations:

  1. Charcuterie board set because you’re an adult and this can count as dinner:

  2. Wine Chiller Gift Set to keep your wine at the same level of “chill” as your Netflix game:

  3. Crave Pack because you always need something sweet and then something salty to immediately follow… balance is key:

  4. Wireless Sleep Headphones that are comfortable enough to doze off to sleep with are music to the ears… literally:

  5. Cell Phone Stand with Bluetooth Speakers to overpower the obnoxious noises your kids make during your bubble bath:


Sam’s “Travel & Coffee Lover” Recommendations:

  1. Good coffee calls for cute cups!:
    …I’m actually obsessed with these… I might buy a few:
  2. Sappy Travel Gift for you sappy folk:
  3. Premium Coffee Syrup for that perfect cup:

  4. AirTags, because the biggest nightmare is lost luggage… or wallets… or pets:

  5. Slow it down, espresso is a craft worth learning:

Erika’s “Support Little SHOPS, SMALL BIZ BABIES” Recommendations:

  1. My staple for my skincare routine:

  2. Lord knows I can’t live without my lip liner:

  3. My all-time favorite artist (and yes, my bestie got it all for me):

  4. Post wax lifesaver:

  5. This one was hard because y’all know I love a trucker hat… and there were a few to choose from, LOL:

Ayin’s “Perfectly Practical Mom” Recommendations:

  1. That SPA feeling extended to your car! I love this because the smell stays in the car longer. Car Aromatherapy Diffusers for Essential Oils:

  2. OCD: solved. It is super helpful with small crumbs in the kitchen, oven, or refrigerator. It’s also suitable for working desks. Table Crumb Vacuum Mini Cleaner:

  3. My go-to skin gel.  The brand says it’s a wound gel, but to me, it’s my WONDER gel. I use it for wounds, blisters, pimples, aftershave, skin irritations, insect bites, and A LOT MORE. Buy it and thank me later:

  4. “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’ll get.” –Forrest Gump. All assorted chocolates are handmade with all-natural and premium ingredients. The Patchi Chocolate Menu contains a list of 50 varieties.  Grab the assorted box and be surprised. .5 Lb Patchi Chocolates (Create Your Box):

  5. Biotin and Collagen are not enough to make my hair strong and healthy. Here’s a fantastic product that will bring back that crowning glory. I am personally alternating Rice Water and Castor Oil Bar Shampoos. Kitsch:

Auntie Pen’s “Mental and Physical Well-Being” Recommendations:

  1. When I’m sad, I just put on my “happy feet” socks. Who wouldn’t appreciate the comfiest, quality socks that won’t slip down your leg (or feet) as you go about your merry day:

  2. All of these holiday festivities got us cooking, baking, and making drinks so much that our hands tend to suffer the “wear and tear” of the season. Get those digits taken care of and smell good at the same time with this hand cream:

  3. Nothing quite like chillin’ while having a glass of apple crisp from Ollipop and spinning those tunes on a record player. Ellie Goulding’s ethereal voice gives all the good vibes:

  4. To rest is a good thing… and a good rest is a very, very good thing. Therefore, having the best sleep of your life is crucial. For me, it’s the right kind of detergent for fresh and good-smelling bed sheets, and Magnesium spray on the feet at night are the best combo to achieve this. Make it happen with these:

  5. Like me, I am surrounded by friends who love, love, love dogs. They always go everywhere with them! A perfect way to ensure that their beloved, furry besties are always well taken care of, Trails N Tails is the best kit!:

Geolyn’s “All Hot & Bothered” Recommendations for Dating Your Husband, Pre-Menopause & Aging Gracefully:

  1. Because I loooove cuddles with my man, but sometimes I love carbs more…

  2. I’m an everyday red lip kinda gal, buuut a fun lil’ fuschia lip never hurt nobody. It’s called “Party,” so partaaayyyy we shall!

  3. Double up: date night and sleepy time. Rock this silky, sultry camisole top for date night and when you get home, slip on the matching lil’ shorts and get cozy… with your man on one side and your bread pillow on the other.

  4. All the preventative skincare efforts to tackle aging before it tackles me. LOL

  5. Gotta fan yourself off… for those annoying hot flashes! Buy 10 for yourself to put in every bag you own, 10 for your pre-menopausal friends, and 10 for your kids and dogs to play frisbee with. You’ll thank me later!

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