Catch The Vision, We’re On A Mission

The Driving Force Behind Our “Why”
by: KIT
● July 31, 2023

Well, well, wellll….look who’s back. Yes, it’s ME. Hopefully by now, you’ve read about who we are and what we do (and if you haven’t, y’all better ask somebody). With that said, I’d love to take a minute to chat about our WHY. Our purpose, our drive…why we do what we do. Like, what’s the point? Well, I’m glad I asked. So, go ‘head and grab a cup o’ coffee (or a glass of wine or two or five) and let’s get into it.

Have you ever had a vision so clear that you knew it was your purpose in life to see it through? Like, now that you’ve seen it, you can’t un-see it. Shortly after George started the new business, God gave him a vision that turned into his life’s purpose, which ultimately, became his mission. And his company, TRI, has always been at the forefront of carrying out God’s vision for him.

The Vision:

Children, families and communities all together, united as one, honoring and praising God.

The Mission:

“To be the most dependable and excitingly innovative manufacturer of First Aid and Emergency Preparedness products worldwide, in all categories of Home, School, Office, Automotive, Outdoors, Sporting Goods, Marine and Farm, for the purpose of spreading the Good News, supporting ministries and missionaries of all nations, in their calling and election to care for orphans, help the poor, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, encourage, comfort and urge everyone to live lives worthy of God.”

The Manifestation:

George and Merlyn Rivera established Vision HIMpossible Ministries 501(c)(3), a non-profit organization in 1996. With the sole purpose of giving back and spreading God’s love, VHM began its missions to support orphanages in Mexico and build schools in the Philippines. TRI’s first aid kit business, together with VHM partnerships, were the instruments that catapulted the brand into a position of selling products to help give back to underprivileged communities around the world… one kit at a time.

The Voice:

In the movement to bring our products with a purpose to life and share our story in retail stores, we had to give our initiative a voice. 

Therefore, our social impact program, Every Kit Cares® was born. A portion of the proceeds from all the first aid kits help build schools, create community feeding and health & wellness programs, support orphanages, lead community outreach and livelihood programs, help rescue victims of sex trafficking, and fund Orthopedic surgeries for children born with deformities.

This is the driving force behind the founders, the company, and brand. Every effort to grow the company is made with the intention to build the brand, so the ministry will continue to grow and expand. Ugh, so good, right? Such forward thinking. Way before it was trending, way before millennials made it a thing to buy products for a purpose and support cause-driven companies. Seeing how the company, brand, and ministry has grown and evolved over the years, it’s evident that God has mighty, mighty plans – which He will continue to reveal in us and through us every single day. And believe me, we’re just getting started!

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KIT is Be Smart Get Prepared® and Be Smart Get Prepared® is KIT, a brand personified. The walkin’ talkin persona. Simply put, the national brand of the best first aid kits in the nation. But don’t get us wrong, we’re not just a logo or a catchphrase. We’re a statement, an entire mentality – an invitation to a lifestyle. Born in ‘91 and over 30 years later, living our best life, living a legacy, and just getting started. Oh and btw, our name is KIT because we make kits, DUH.