Celebrating 1 Year of KIT & Connections
by: Geolyn
● May 30, 2024

You guys. We, at KIT & Connections, are elated and basking in this bright and shiny moment… Why, you ask? Because we just turned 1 year old! She’s still a baby, but oh my, how we’ve grown!

In the past year, we’ve had a lot of fun working hard to lay out the groundwork to build a strong foundation for KIT to lay her head and find her voice.

As an extension of our brand, our voice, the personification of Be Smart Get Prepared… What does this even look like? Some of the questions we had to answer were:

Who is KIT?
What does KIT have to say?
What does KIT look like when there is no visual representation of her?
What is KIT & Connections?

After many attempts to publish a regular newsletter, working with default layout designs, and templates, we knew we hadn’t nailed it just yet. Because when you know, you know. It’s a feeling. And when the feeling was more nagging and uncertain, we knew we had to suck it up, scrap it all, and start over again. And that, we did.

To embody the perfect balance of who we are as a company, the people behind the brand, our unique culture, our legacy, we had to dig deep y’all.

After 2 years of conversations and writing and design meetings to perfect KIT & Connections’ design, colorways, layouts, story concepts, writing, editing… Here we are! 1 year old with 57 stories written by 6 contributing writers + a few guest writers.

The biggest shout outs to all the people who pour into me, fill me up, and spill all my tea.  

When you turn a whole year old, there are usually some milestones that come along with it, right?

And here we are… 1 year old, and we are finding our footing, finding our voice, tapping into all the sassiness, witty wordplay, forming and shaping our personality, and digging deep on the daily to find out what we’ll serve next.   

K.I.T (keep in touch)

(because we make kits, DUH)



Reigning as the unconventional Queen of who knows what, Geolyn is a fearless leader who will 100% have your back… until her back goes out. Her talent for backwards spelling is totally useless, but if reverse spelling Olympics were a thing, she’d take home the gold. Then repurpose that gold into something practical like a crown, insane stacks of gold jewelry, and a Cuban link gold chain for her dog. Fueled by love and validation from her hot Latin lover husband, amazing children, Bretman Rock, Yung Pueblo, and her blue-nose brindle baddie, Zyra, she’s on a mission to empower and inspire as an author and life coach… some time, one day, in her next life…when she’s done getting her life together.