He’s Got Joooooookes

by: Yalina
● June 29, 2023

Let’s face it, you don’t have to necessarily be an actual DAD to appreciate or tell a “dad joke,” but it sure does help. Part of what makes them funny is… they’re unfunny. The fact that they’re so unfunny is what actually makes us laugh.

Our kit names are inspired by corny dad jokes and word puns because sometimes it’s nice to be able to smile through the “ouch” times. They say laughter heals the soul so that’s why dad jokes are how our kits roll…

If these jokes made you laugh or giggle instead of rolling your eyes, then congratulations, you are a DAD!

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A Barbie girl living in a Disney world where she can showcase her extravagant costumes, where extra EXTRA is never enough, where her obnoxious shower singing sounds like Beyoncé, and where she can hug random collared dogs because that most likely indicates they don’t have rabies. A hopeless romantic who binges rom-com marathons, yet despises dating and dating apps. Yalina lives, laughs, and loves on her people – her big, scattered Mexican family, and framily, who remain super close to her heart. But as an avid runner, if you can’t find her, chances are she’s running like Forrest – far, far away… from her problems… and dating.