My Quest to Recharge My Life (And Maybe My Phone Too!)
by: Penelope
● April 16, 2024

Let’s face it, “detox” is a word that is usually associated with green smoothies and enough colon cleansing juicing to power a small village. Buuuut this weary warrior (in case I need to make clear, this is moi) wasn’t batting toxins (or toxic people… yet), she was battling the tyranny of the tiny screen – specifically, the one perpetually glued to her palm like a needy leech. Trust me, I have the dented pinky finger (look for this on TikTok ladies…) for proof! Enter the digital detox, a quest for peace in the age of information and sensorial overload, undertaken by yours truly – a fully grown, (mature?) 45-year-old- woman who laughs and cries to sleep to animal videos late at night.

Step 1: Convincing Myself This is a Great Idea, aka PSYCH my PSYCHE BABY

Self- aware enough to know that this would do me good but also is it? Is it really? As I am debating, I am working on my laptop as I have my iPad playing a Dateline episode (as white noise) and my hand on my phone scrolling through TikTok… Yeah yeah, I DO NEED THIS DETOX (gaaah)!

Step 2: Abstinence Makes the Swipe Weaker

Okay… disconnect time (I needed to tell myself this is not the same as me disassociating… LOL). Let us disconnect from the matrix. Social media – deleted Facebook (easy peasy, I swear), don’t open Insta rule (come on, let’s ease into it…), and no TikTok scanning when I am with people (let’s be polite please) and late at night. No emails during the weekend (well, tough, but I won’t see those sale notifications of my fav stores no more no more no more… Hey this might be very good for my wallet too!).

I know these may seem like small steps but hey, give me some grace, please.

Step 3: Rediscovering the Analog World

Peace… is this what I feel? Or an antsy feeling of what are my fingers, ears, and eyes going to do now? I discovered I could actually go back to actual physical books, and my pile of magazines and read… And take notes, get inspired by words and phrases, and crank up my imagination again. What a novel idea this is! I found myself having the time to sketch and write on my planner, and also write actual notes to people that I love. 

Taking a step back… this used to be my life! The old me!

Step 4: Nature is Healing (Mother is Mothering)

This detox freed time and activated a longing to go outside and enjoy the gorgeous day – blue skies, cool air but you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin (BLISS I tell you), a dirty chai tea latte and actual full conversations with your partner – chef’s kiss!  I mean what can beat that?! Well, the added beauty of seeing the flowers in bloom along the drive is a big bonus. We do live in a gorgeous world, people, let us take a breath and sit with that… Yes, sit and not take countless photos for the gram… But instead taking it all in and just being did ease my anxiousness.

Step 5: Reconnecting With the Real (and Reel) World

By the end of my mini digital detox experiment, I resembled a slightly more grounded social butterfly with a twitchy left wing and a newfound love for Wordle… hah! But the joy of reconnecting with the things that I used to do and that my soul missed was something that I truly cherish.

It was a “soul call” I needed to address. I did learn to appreciate the gift of other people’s presence, their time, and their stories – these are moments that can never be bought, but will forever be treasured. But ladies… Come on… We’ve got to be real with ourselves! I NEEEED those animal videos… They do keep me sane! Promise.

So, the moral of the story?

This middle-aged digital warrior may not have completely conquered the allure of the tiny screen, but hey, at least I can write this semi-coherent article about it.

(In some ways, it is the gift that keeps on giving). Now, if you will excuse me, I have a Wordle to finish with my cup of dirty chai.

Have a great day!

K.I.T (keep in touch)

(because we make kits, DUH)



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