It’s important for me to emphasize that at this point in my life, showing up is everything. Showing up is LOVE. In my 20’s and 30’s, I admit I was a big ol’ frosted FLAKE. I wasn’t aware (or was too selfish) to see that my presence or lack thereof, negatively impacted the people I love. My actions weren’t backing my words and ya girl’s actions were super suss. With that harsh realization, I’ve made very conscious efforts to change that narrative, because I don’t want to be a frosted flake. I want to be whole like a Cheerio.  

While continuing on with my 7 Days of Love challenge, I’ve definitely noticed how I’m moving and navigating through my days with more intention and purpose. Giving, receiving, and experiencing several types of love just feels good all around. I want to exude love! Because you know what? God’s love, grace, and mercy are very present every day in my life. So, I want that to be shown in me and seen through me. Shine your light, chile! 

The timing of this article couldn’t be more impeccable. I recently spent a few days in New York for my daughter’s college graduation. Aijah Raye graduated from The New School at Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Photography. With this being such a huge accomplishment, the fam showed up and showed out to “Celebrate good times, come on!” Man… these were the 3 most action-packed, love-filled days ever. The itinerary was poppin’ and all the love languages were present and accounted for. Whether following the plan or flying by the seat of our pants, every move and outing was intentional in bringing family and friends together – to chill, feast, reconnect, laugh, and create lasting memories. I can truly say we all experienced several types of love in the short time we were there. I mean, I really can’t speak for everyone… but I just did, sooo… HA!

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