Our flagship brand, Be Smart Get Prepared ®, is a complete line of premium quality First Aid and Emergency Preparedness products designed to provide a higher standard of safety and security across various situations and environments.

Home and Family

Packed with all the essentials for the treatment of minor injuries and ailments, our Home and Family First Aid kits are a must to make every household safer with total preparedness. Our products for the home range from stand-alone accessories to family kits, mini travel kits, burn care kits, and advanced wound care kits that feature blood-stopping bandages, gauzes, and nosebleed plugs. Our kits also include SILVEX® First Aid Gel that effectively kills bacteria, fungus, yeasts, and viruses.

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Outdoor and Sporting Goods

Clean, treat, and protect cuts, scrapes, lacerations, insect bites, stings, allergies, blisters, and burns while away from home. Our Outdoor and Sporting Goods kits are designed to meet all your safety needs in the face of a broad range of common possible injuries—a must-have for everyone who enjoys the outdoors. Our kits feature advanced wound care products such as SILVEX® First Aid Gel and QuickSEAL® blood-stopping treatments.

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Auto and Travel

Make every journey safer with our line of Auto and Travel Kits. Our emergency roadside kits are equipped with preparedness essentials for any situation on the road, traveling, or away from home. We also customize emergency roadside kits for the automotive industry.

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Emergency Survival

We got you covered in the event of a natural disaster or emergency situation. Our Emergency Survival kits have the necessary survival essentials in food and water, light, communication, protection, and first aid for individuals and families, all packed in sturdy, weather-resistant dry bags with extra storage space for important documents and other valuables.

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Our Industrial kits for office and other industries all exceed the minimum standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), American National Standard Institute (ANSI), and Industrial Safety Equipment Association (ISEA.)

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