“Be faithful in the little things’ and ‘In everything, give thanks.”
– Geolyn


“Do not ever be embarrassed to show your affection towards your wife in front of your children or in public.”
– Louie

Yes!!! I stan for this 100!

My dad to his fave daughter (that’s me!!!): ‘If he didn’t ask you for a date – you are not dating!’”
– Ayin

To the ladies everywhere… Take note! #dadvice to #lovevice?

“Something that I learned from my dad is to do what you love. Whether that is a job or a hobby.”
– J

This is how you always give your best in everything.

“My dad taught me how to use tools and other things, but he also always made sure I knew how to operate them safely. He especially made sure to let me know which tool could KILL ME if I wasn’t careful.”
– CK

Very sound life advice don’t ya think?

“Money will return to you but time won’t… just go.”
– Samantha

My dad has been a huge reason I’ve been able to travel around the world as a child & now that I’m an adult I would always make sure that I save enough money to see the wonders that God created and embrace other cultures. The world is too big and too beautiful to just stay in one place forever. (GO #DADVICE! THIS!)

As part of the cycle of life, parenting and advice…
here are some nuggets of wisdom that a dad friend
is passing down to his own kids:

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”

“It’s never okay to do the wrong thing.”


“If it was easy, it wouldn’t be special.”

Yes… and that is why we dream, work hard, and strive for our goals!

To all the dads out there, thank you for affecting our lives in such profound ways. We won’t be here without you and we won’t certainly be this way without your unforgettable #dadvice. KAMPAI! CHEERS! SALUT!