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Love getting close and connected to nature and the outdoors? We’ve got you covered!

Make sure you’re prepared every time you enjoy time outside with #BeSmartGetPrepared
Happy Camping kits! From first aid to outdoor activity essentials, these handy kits are compact,
secure, portable and can fit easily in your camping and hiking bags.

Happy Camping with Be Smart Get Prepared®!



Outdoor First Aid Kit
265 Pieces



Outdoor First Aid Kit
134 Pieces


On the Go First Aid Kit
65 pieces

Be Smart Get Prepared® Happy Camping Kits give you the protection you need outdoors.

For every kit you purchase, we fund orthopedic surgeries for disabled children in developing countries such as Mexico and the Philippines. Join now in our mission to bring HOPE, HELP, and HEALING to communities around the world. Let’s help one another build bigger dreams and greater goals, one kit at a time.

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Happy Explorer™

Outdoor First Aid Kit

265 Pieces – Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Boating, Family
ITEM #: 10-OUT-02086GLRV3

Are you the wild and adventurous type? The Happy Explorer™ is designed for you.

Equipped with 256 pieces of first aid essentials, the Happy Explorer™ is guaranteed to give you peace of mind as you explore the great outdoors, with any minor injuries considered and taken care of.

If you put the WILD in WILDerness, this kit is for you. We got you covered.

Explore safely!

Happy Wanderer™

Outdoor First Aid Kit

134 Pieces – Camping, Hiking, Running, Fishing, Boating, Travel, Outdoor

ITEM #: 10-OUT-02029REV4

If you have a sense of wanderlust, the Happy Wanderer™ is the perfect kit for you. 

Packed tightly with a variety of first aid essentials to keep you safe when you explore the outdoors, the Happy Wanderer™ is also packaged in a soft nylon bag, making it perfect to store inside larger camping gear. 

Whether you want to discover new experiences or enjoy the calmness of nature, we got you covered.

Keep wandering!

Happy Hiker™

On the Go First Aid

65 Pieces – Camping, Hiking, Running, Boating, Fishing, Outdoor
ITEM #: 10OUT02026REV4

The Happy Hiker™ is the essential emergency preparedness kit for a quick trip or trek through nature. 

Packaged in a mini-backpack, the Happy Hiker™ kit is a convenient, ready-to-go must-have intended for the casual adventurer or light packer.

Whether it’s small cuts and scrapes or an irritation from some poison ivy or pesky mosquitoes, we got you covered!

Happy hiking!