What does our KIT mean to you?

“In my perspective, our first aid KIT is like a best friend who may not always be with you every day but will always have your back in any situation.”
– Darlene Rusli

“It is more than just a meaning, it is a reminder of the many lives being changed by our KIT. Our KIT is a blessing that we share across the world, through our mission.”
– Maritza Rangel

“I mean… it’s awesome dude.”
– Gina Rivera

“To me, our KIT means that we’re able to expand our ministry work! The more kits we make, the more schools we can build, orphans and communities we can feed, the more endangered children we can rescue and surgeries we can fund. The people and the ministry are my favorite parts of TRI.”
– Jessica Villalobos

“Our KIT is one of the reasons why we are still here. Created by one family to the hands of other families with an ultimate mission to keep it together.”
– Percy Tallada

“Every KIT sold keeps a child from extreme poverty.”
– Louie Pons

“Pride! The amount of work, time, energy, and love put into each and every KIT is astounding. When I see the finished product in stores or online, you can’t help but feel proud and be grateful.”
– Samantha Gonzales

What can you say about our company’s culture?

“We’re more like a family rather than a company. Just like family, we argue hard but love harder. We may not always agree, but when it comes down to it, we band together to get the job done (and we do a darn good job at it). Even on a personal and spiritual level – when someone is in need, we come together to help, pray, fundraise, and support. We’re not just your average company culture – from our morning prayer circle and games, to end-of-the-month celebrations, and our processes. We just run a little different – and different is okay. We may not be the most corporate, but who said First Aid has to be that serious anyways?? We started this trend, by the way. It works for us.”
– Erika Villalobos

I like TRI’s family-like work relationship culture where all are working together based on shared values, knowledge and tools; where skills are pulled together in order to advance together; where everyone makes a contribution.”
– Ederlyn Enclona

“Our culture here at TRI is very unique. First and foremost, we all view our company as a ministry. The simple fact that our products not only provide aid to the consumers and end users, but more importantly, they support ministries and missionaries carrying out the GOOD work.”
– Mark Salazar

“It’s an open policy – just like a typical family where inclusivity is encouraged, I appreciate that I can be empowered to do things and be open to sharing my thoughts and suggestions – especially with the management and the CEO. I also appreciate the sincerity of the employees. Like one family, we pray for each other.”
– Ayin Viray

“Culture is dominant to our company as represented by Filipino culture which represents a good, disciplined work ethic. Most people are warm and friendly in nature. Personnel is productive and easy to get along with because of the values they possess.”
– Ellen Lee

Which part of your TRI experience is most valuable to you?

“My TRI experience is basically my whole life and has always provided for us. I was old enough to see and understand that my parents lost everything in bankruptcy and fought to rebuild their lives and start all over again. I’ve been working here since I was a teenager and by God’s grace, I helped them build this company! So, I know firsthand all the blood, sweat, and tears that have been poured into this ministry. At the end of the day, all the rigmarole was worth it!”
– Dawn Rivera

“I have learned that I am and can do much more than I think I can. I would have never thought that I would do well in a group environment. I have been given the opportunity to do meet and greets at conventions and tradeshows, and speak to vendors from across the world.”
– Thomson Chamchuen

“We can ALWAYS stop and pray. Regardless if it’s good or bad, we all come together as one, pray for each other or the situation, and give thanks to God. Also, the friendships I have gained here.”
– Antoinette Hernandez

“Personally, the most valuable experience for me – and it’s going to sound crazy – is being able to work with my family every day. I always hear ‘I don’t know how you work with family, I could never do it’ and BELIEVE ME, there are days I have felt that HEAVILY, but honestly, it’s such a blessing. Our family has a different dynamic that most families don’t get to experience. Sure, on holidays we get the occasional CEO business talk (my grandpa) where he might bring up new kit concepts or shipping freight costs, but hey, what CEO wouldn’t? Sharing ideas and successes with your very own family for over 30 years, is a challenging but unique experience I am forever grateful for.”
– Erika Villalobos

Needless to say, the past 32 years have blessed us with a multitude of people and relationships whose lives have been touched, changed, or saved by the word of God. We are known as the company that prays every morning. When I sit back and think about God’s love, grace, mercy and the impact our company and products are making around the world, it’s so profound. The relationships and partnerships that help sustain our business and the communities we’ve helped along the way, are all because of one little family, with one little idea, about one little KIT – which turned into one big vision from God and an even bigger mission to carry out that vision.